2021 Offseason Digest

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The Draft

Free Agency

Free agent signings

  • C Nick Martin – 2 yrs / $6.1M
  • CB Mike Hughes – 4 yrs / $19.2M
  • FS D.J. Reed – 1 yr / $1.36M
  • TE Cameron Brate – 1 yr / $1.85M

Mike Hughes (78 OVR / Star / 25 yrs old) — Hughes, drafted in the 1st round (pick 30) out of UCF in 2017, is 66th ranked cornerback in the NFL, putting him in the top 17% of cornerbacks.

D.J. Reed (73 OVR / Normal / 25 yrs old) — Reed joins FS Ugochukwu Amadi (74 OVR) and Bradley McDougald (OVR 74). At 31 years old, McDougald is expected to regress. Amadi and Reed can battle it out in the preseason with the runner up getting traded or cut.

Dissly traded to Green Bay for 1st round pick

Traded TE Will Dissly, and 2023 2nd-round pick to the Green Bay Packers for their 2022 1st Round #12 pick. The Seahawks would have been going into the 2022 Entry Draft without a 1st or 2nd round pick. Dissly’s offense is dispensable. He caught just 14 passes for 244 yards and 1 TD in 2021. Wilson Russell’s go-to tighten was Nick Varnett who caught 49 passes for 615 yards and 4 TD.

Cap Space decreases with Draft Pick options

Discovered that when I traded Dissly away to get a 1st round pick, we automatically took on a $6.96M rookie reserve, which reduced our overall cap and put us in the negative.

Trade 1st round pick for player and regain $6M for free agent? Seattle was near the bottom in sacks and interceptions. We could use pass rusher upgrades, and more protection against the long-ball.

The top target for Seattle could be DT Chad Parker (Ohio State). He’s a Speed Rusher and performed well in the combine. His top skills are Finesse moves (A-), Hitting Power (A-), and Block Shedding (B+). He’s projected to be an early 1st rounder which means he could go ahead of the 12th spot. If the he goes early, then that means some teams could leave these players on the board:

  • SS Robert Taylor
  • RE Mike Bowen
  • CB Melvin Worrell
  • SS Robert Taylor

Seattle holes remaining to fill

Fullback (1), DT (2), Punter

DT – mainly for backup and a for practice squad

Seahawks snag a quality Pro Bowler at Left Guard

In Stage 3 of free agency, the Seahawks successfully negotiated a deal to sign LG Kelechi Osemele (OVR 77). Osemele is a 2nd rounder (pick 29) from the 2011 draft out of Iowa State with 2 Pro Bowl appearances. He moves into the starting position at LG, bumping Cory Glenn down to 2nd string.

  • Osemele ratings: Strength (90), Pass Block (76), Run Block (77), Lead Block (92).

Linebacker Cody Barton position change

Moved Cody Barton to ROLB and becomes the starter failing to resign ROLB Shaquem Griffin

Punter Micheal Dickson returns

The Seahawks couldn’t match Michael Dickson’s re-signing dollar demands and released his to free agency. There weren’t any bids for Dickson so he accepted our low-ball attempt and re-signed to a 3-year contract worth $5.28M.

Free agency recap: Arizona Cardinals loading up on talent!

Re-Signing Phase

Cap Room: $46.3M prior to final re-signing opportunity with current roster.

TOP PLAYERS SEEKING DEALS — Age, (OVR), Yrs/Signing Bonus/2022 Cap Hit

2021 Starters – underlined / Must resign – italic

  • HB Wayne Gallman, 27 (75 OVR) – 5yrs/$2.1M/$2.09M
  • DT Andrew Billings, 27 (74) – 1yr/$950K/$3.30M
  • QB Brett Hundley, 29 (67) – 3yrs/$21.2M/$2.64M
  • P Michael Dickson, 26 (85) – 3yrs/$3.03M/$2.10M
  • DT Jarran Reed, 28 (82) – 1yrs/$2.73M/$7.03M
  • CB3 Tre Flowers, 27 (82) – 3yrs/$8.13M/$5.92M
  • LG DJ Fluker, 31 (79) – 1yr/$1.9M/$6.15M
  • HB Rashaad Penny, 26 (80) – 3yr3/$3.27M/$3.37M
  • WR David Moore, 27 (80) – 3yrs/$5.91M/$2.35M
  • RE Kemoko Turay, 27 (77) – 2yrs/$4.36M/$5.20M
  • ROLB Shaquem Griffin, 27 (73) – 2yrs/$1.84M/$2.53M

Must resign + Starters = $29,680,000 / $16.62M remaining for free agents

ROLB – Griffin has regressed to OVR 73. LOLB Cody Barton (OVR 73) can switch positions and play in Griffin’s spot (if Griffing fails to accept offer). Reed would be our largest investment to bring back a player.

DT – Billings can be replaced, either through draft or free agency. Shouldn’t be hard to find a 74+ overall tackle.

QB2 – Hudley is wanting too much for the talent he has to offer. Wilson stayed pretty healthy all season, and Hundley saw little action. Shouldn’t offer more than $1.5M salary. Wait to see what QBs are on the market.

CB3 – Flowers was the #3 corner, making 41 tackles (career low), 1 INT. He played on 720 downs (lowest in 3 seasons). $5.92M is steep for a CB3. Keep eye on what Bears do with CB Kevin Fuller (OVR 92). Fuller may enter free agency. He made $14.9M in 2022.


  • DT Jarran Reed – resigned to 2 years, $21.1M
  • LG DJ Fluker – opted for free agency (franchise tag = $12M)
  • P Michael Dickson – opted for free agency  (franchise tag = $3.78M)
  • HB Rashaad Penny – opted for free agency (franchise tag = $12M)
  • WR Dave Morre – resigned to 3 years, $15.2M
  • CB Tre Flowers – opted for free agency  (franchise tag = $17M)
  • RE Kemoko Turay – opted for free agency
  • HB Wayne Gallman – resigned (will be backup running back to Carson)

NOTES: Last offseason, we franchise tagged 30-year old D.J. Fluker at a cost of $11M. We then went into Free Agency struggling to bid for the top players. Was it a mistake to tie up $11M and go into the market with only $13M?